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The Future Of DivineTales
3 minute read

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. 😀


As of Friday, April the 8th 2022, the DivineTalesMC Management team has decided to close our doors periodically, while we focus on fixing issues that have gone unchecked on our server. DivineTales is a Minecraft MMO RPG released on September 11th, 2020.

Our goal is to provide an enjoyable environment for our community and tell an unforgettable, responsive story. Due to issues prohibiting us from accomplishing that goal, we (The entire DTMC Staff Team), have come together and decided it’s best that we take a step back and fix the underlining problems we have encountered.



When can we expect a release date?


Most of the problems we're facing span from Season 1 and onward, so there is a lot of ground to cover in terms of things that need to be fixed. Since we have limited resources and staff available, getting through most of the issues will take a considerable amount of time. We are aware that this might be a letdown to our community, who wanted to enjoy the new content rollout that season 3 had to offer.


We apologize for this inconvenience but it's important to us that we as a team give you the best we have to offer. Though we do not have a set release date, we will keep you updated and informed through announcements and teasers both on the discord and website.



What is getting fixed?


A lot will be getting fixed, from plugins to buildings to the map. We have already gotten started on some aspects of this (Most notable the map), and have gotten started on taking care of the rest. While we cannot give you a concrete list of what will get changed or not (Due to the fact that it might change down the line), we can give you 2 major things that will be changed, that as a player you need to account for.


The reboot will bring 2 important changes, the Server version, and the Server map. We will switch the Server version from 1.16.x to 1.18.x, this is to allow us to work with Minecraft's new terrain generation algorithm. We will also shrink the map because we want to cut down on the time it takes to travel from location to location, an issue the community has brought to us.



How can I help?


The most preeminent way that members of the community can help us, is through honest feedback. The whole reason we have decided to undertake this reboot is because of the feedback from the community.


Another good way to help is through suggestions, while we have a rough idea of what the community wants to see from us, there might be things that we overlook or miss, this is the best way for us to make sure we're working on the most anticipated aspects of the server.


Chatting or just being active in general on any of our platforms is also a good way to help. What we're doing/going to do will take a lot out of all of us, seeing the time and dedication you put into our server, whether from the 1st season or 3rd, makes us want to work our hardest to make the server the best it can be.





We are excited about what is in store for the upcoming reboot and will put everything we have into making sure it goes above the expectation of the community. Everything from the smallest detail will be fine-tuned to bring a new experience to DT. To everyone who has stuck with us through everything, we appreciate your support and promise to deliver the best we possibly can.

Dark - Server Owner/Head of Management ❤️