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Before you continue its important you know, If you find a way to work around a rule or nothing is explicitly stated in the rules, please contact a member of staff about it to double-check if it is ok. We have had a lot of issues with toxicity when it comes to people assuming unreasonable actions are ok since it was not stated in the rules. Please make this easier for our staff by being considerate and thinking logically when it comes to these rules.

(Updated: 7/3/2022)


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* Please note that These Rules are subject to change, for clarity or to update outdated rules. Staff also have full discretion on how they wish to enforce these rules(Since no two situations are exactly the same). If you feel wrongfully punished or wish to have a second chance you can appeal your punishment.


1. Usernames:

Please be appropriate with usernames on the Website, Discord, and Server. If we find your name to be inappropriate, NSFW, or Offending to Others you will be asked to change it. Refusing to or ignoring the request to change the username will result in the suspension or removal of the account. 


2. Skin/Avatar:

Please keep skins and avatars within reason on all our platforms. If your skin/avatar is deemed inappropriate, you will be asked to change it. Refusing to or ignoring the request to change the skin/avatar, will result in you being kicked or banned(depending on the platform).


3. Common Sense:

When using any of our platforms we ask that you think reasonably at all times. Our rules will not cover everything, so it is on you to think if your action/s would be considered reasonable before you act upon them. If your action/s will hurt, offend, harm, alienate, or the disturb the peace of our community or any person, it would be deemed unreasonable and punishments would be given according to the action/s.


4. Discrimination: 

We do not/will not tolerate discrimination of any kind on any of our platforms. We have created a place where people of different backgrounds and ethnicity can feel welcomed and accepted, anyone who goes against this will be indefinitely banned.


5. Swearing:

A Majority of swearing on our platforms is fine, however, an excessive amount of swearing or the use of harsher swear words, (Derogatory Language) Will not be tolerated and you will be temporarily muted, continued use of these words (Being muted more than three times) will result in a ban.


6. Spamming:

Spamming in chats is repeating the same or similar messages four or more times, this will result in a warning and then a mute if you continue. If you attempt to exploit this by doing three messages and then three completely different messages your punishment will be doubled and no warning will be handed out.


7. Arguments: 

Arguing in the server chats, forum chats, discord chats, or the discord VC's after being asked to stop is prohibited and will result in a warning, mute, or kick (depending where on) if it is continued. This rules also applies to staff, if you argue against a staff member you will be muted, warned, and further actions will get you kicked.


8. Advertising:

Advertising on the discord server or website is allowed within allowed channels if kept to a sensible degree. If the post is found to be inappropriate or deemed unacceptable by staff it will be removed/taken down and a warning will be handed out.


9. Punishment Evasion:

Do not by any circumstance create alts or fake accounts to attempt to evade a ban, mute, kick, or any punishments assigned to you. If this rule is broken your alt will be banned and your punishment will be extended.


10. Personal Information:

Don't ask for personal information or distribute personal information without consent. Harassing any person for said information or doxing(The distribution of a person's personal information against their will) on any of our platforms will result in an immediate ban. We will not ask for personal information at any time.


11. Impersonation: 

Impersonation of any kind, through profile pictures, names, or claims(Saying you are said person), is not allowed by any means. Doing so will result in warnings and after that bans will be issued.


12. Malicious Intent:

Posting Malicious content such as links, pictures, files, or of any form, to attempt to steal from, harm, or damage any person will result in an immediate ban.

Frequently Asked Questions (8)
DivineTalesMC is a Fantasy Medieval MMO RPG, that was released on September 11th 2020. 
The server version is currently 1.18 
Our server is made up of many different storylines, non the less we try and make each and everyone easy to get into and understand. There will be some (Depending on what you decide to follow), that may be difficult for some to understand, in those cases there will be clues, guides, and our wonderful staff team that can help you.
Obvious lore (From events, 1 time dungeons/quest, etc.), can be found under the lore tab on our forums, but lore is generally meant to be discovered by experiencing different aspects of our server, it will rarely be posted officially on any of our platforms.
To know what we tolerate on our server, discord, and website, you can find a list of rules under the rules & information tab on our forums.
As of right now there is not a set date for when the server will reopen. We are working very hard to bring you the best content we can, with the limited resources available. More info can be found here .
Right now we do not have a store for anything to be purchased, the best way to support the server is show continued support and interest in our server by playing and interacting on our platforms.
DivineTalesMC does have a official discord server. We recommend that if you are considering playing on our server, that you do join the discord, as it provides a platform to talk to staff and like minded players. You can join at discord.divinetalesmc.com.